A Few Variants Of Indian Rummy To Keep Your Interest Going

We all know that the roots of rummy have been traced across the world and no corner of the earth can be eliminated in their contribution to this game. However as Rummy traveled across Asia, the game of Indian Rummy evolved into its current form. We as Indians have always adored playing this game. There are several reasons for that. Some of them are given below:
The game is rather simple to play. It does not need any specialized accoutrements to get going. A simple deck of cards and a few participants along with seating space can get an enjoyable game of rummy going. Now with the online version of 13 cards rummy being available, even these factors are no longer necessary.. All you need now to play rummy is time, your skills and access to a web connected computer.
The game is interesting. The game of rummy though simple and based on a very basic draw and discard pattern, remains very interesting. This is so because the game is an intriguing combination of skills and the luck of the draw.
Most sites hosting the game provide players with numerous offers that let them win numerous rewards, making it a popular choice
The reasons for the popularity of this game are numerous. Another factor that adds to the lure of the game is the variants of Indian rummy. These variants add spice to the playing experience by providing variety. Here are a few well known variants of the game of rummy:
Declare: This form of rummy card games is almost the same as traditional rummy except for one vital difference. There is no joker in this game. The same 13 cards are distributed to players and the game follows all the rules of rummy except for the use of joker.
13 cards rummy: This form of rummy is perhaps the foundation cara menang judi baccarat for all variants. In this game too 13 cards are dealt to all players and a card is picked randomly to be used as joker. The joker card is an important part of this game as it fills in to complete sequences and sets. However the rules for using a joker is that at least one mandatory jokerless run needs to be melded before the joker card can be used.
Points rummy: This form of rummy is played by giving points a monetary value. This points value dictates all aspects of the game including the minimum stake that each player has to put in, the rake amount and the prize money at the end of each game.
Rummy tournaments: These are nothing but 3 or 5 level tournaments that are played towards a particular reward amount. The game starts at level 1 where the winner qualifies to play at level 2 with other level 1 winners. In the same manner the winner of level 2 gets to play with other winners of level 2. The final winner in the last level gets the prize money.
Pupplu: This game has a small variation in terms of the joker. Usually in a 13 cards rummy game, the joker card is the card picked randomly at the beginning of the game. Cards with that number/pictured from all suites are used as joker. In Pupplu, the joker card is the card following the one actually picked. For example if a 3 of hearts is picked as joker, then 4 card from all suites is the joker or pupplu. The scoring pattern is also different for Pupplu, with the winner getting extra points for holding a pupplu.
Hidden joker rummy: This variant is a simple variation of the traditional rummy game. The joker card is picked and kept concealed. The players can get to see the joker card only when they have melded a natural run. This way players will have no idea about the identity of the joker card and may inadvertently discard the same during the course of the game till such time they meld a natural run.